What is MassRefunds?
MassRefunds is a internet based software application that will allow you to issue multiple refunds from your PayPal account.You can also search your PayPal transaction history and view transaction details

Why use MassRefunds ?
If you receive several payments for PayPal and frequently have to sift through your transactions on PayPal.com to find the ones you have to refund, then you could save considerable amount of time and money by using this service. How does that save me money? The time saved can be used to focus your energies in growing your business, serving your customers well or spending the time saved with your family.

How does it work?
MassRefunds makes use of API Web Services provided by PayPal. You can issue refunds in various ways. One way is search for 'refundable' transactions. For the transaction you want to refund, you can specify the refund type (specify refund amount if partial) and an optional note to the buyer and click refund! You can also refund by either typing in the refund information or uploading a text file.

What are some other uses of MassRefunds?
MassRefunds has excellent search capabilities. You can search your entire transaction history by any parameter such as Transaction ID, Payer email, Payer name, amount and currency of transaction, transaction status, Invoice ID, Receipt ID, etc. You can also view the transaction details of your transactions from any application screen. The details are displayed in the same window instantly without going to a new page or a pop up window. The use of modern technologies in our application like AJAX allow us to make this happen.

Do you have customers who are using this tool?
Yes we do. Here is what one of our customers had to say 'I recommend MassRefunds.com as it has saved my company several hours a week. How? I no longer have to login to Paypal.com everytime I need to issue a refund for a customer. During the holidays, it is especially useful since we can paste tens of TransactionID's and issue full refunds for out of stocks - along with a note to the buyer. MassRefunds.com also supports searching for transactions which also saves us time. Great, reliable product!'

Do I have to sign a long term contract ?
No. We offer no contract subscriptions charged monthly.No setup fees. You pay the subscription fee $19.99 per month. You can cancel any time without penalties. No cancellation fees.

How do I get started?
There are 3 steps before you can start using MassRefunds.
  1. Complete the online registration form.
  2. Subscribe
  3. Authorize our account to make calls to PayPal on your behalf.

Why should I give you my PayPal email address?
In order for PayPal to understand on whose behalf we are making API calls such as Search , Refund ,etc , we need to include your PayPal email address when we make a call to PayPal.com. PayPal verifies that the account indicated by the email address has authorized us to make those calls. If you have not authorized us, the calls will fail and an error message will be displayed. So that way, even if someone registers your PayPal account with us, unless you authorize us for access, no calls can be made on your behalf.

Do you need my PayPal password?
Absolutely NOT. During registration, we ask you to select a password that will be used in future to login into MassRefunds.com. We highly recommend that you do not select the same password as your PayPal.com account password. We only need your PayPal email address.

Is my password safe?
Yes. We use industry standard encryption methods to store your password in the database. Specficially, we use 'One-way hash encryption' to store your password. When you register at MassRefunds.com, we encrypt your password and store it in our database. On your login attempts, we can only verify that the password is correct by encrypting the entered password and comparing it with the one stored in our database during registration.

Can I trust MassRefunds ?
MassRefunds has been developed by a PayPal Certified Developer who is also a PayPal Ace Developer.

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