• Search for Refundable transactions using our Smart Search.
  • Ability to issue multiple full refunds. For full refunds, you need only to specify transaction Id. A separate memo can be sent with each refund.
  • Ability to issue multiple partial refunds. For partial refunds, refund amount is also to be specified along with transaction id. Separate memo can be sent with each refund.
  • UI supports sending a mix of full and partial refunds at the same time.
  • Quick full refunds and quick partial refunds are supported where the same memo message is sent to all customers.
  • You can search for refundable transactions, upload a file or copy and paste (or type) refund information.
  • Powerful search tool that can be used to search for transactions using date range, transaction id, payer details, auction number, transaction amount, transaction type.
  • Refund previews displays what is being refunded with transaction details.
  • Results of each refund is displayed with status and error message if any. The fee refund, net refund and gross refund amounts for successful refund are displayed.
  • PayPal issues partial refunds of the fees it charges when processing transactions. Typically, $0.20 is not refunded.
  • Support for multiple currencies (USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, JPY, CAD, etc) ; multiple browsers (Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome and 2 languages (English, Spanish)
  • Works on your Apple IPhone via Safari browser.

Advantages of using MassRefunds.com versus hosting it yourself
  1. No need for any software download, installation, configuration, hosting, maintenance.
  2. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection.
  3. Future upgrades are available without any delays or costly upgrades.
  4. No huge upfront costs for the paying customer. The customer pays a small monthly access fee for unlimited access.
  5. No long term contracts or minimums to be paid.